"009 RE:CYBORG" movie - Special Video Download Campaign!

009 RE:CYBORG movie - Special Video Download Campaign!

Be the first 5000 to download the limited "009 RE:CYBORG" special video only available with e-move using "e-move Net.

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Cyborg 002 and 004 Limited Edition Figures now up for Pre-Order!

Cyborg002 (Jet Link) and Cyborg004 (Albert Heinrich) Figures

※Images are of a sample still in development. The final product may differ.

Figures of Cyborg002 (Jet Link) and Cyborg004 (Albert Heinrich) from the 009 RE:CYBORG film.
Pre-orders are currently being taken at (This is a Limited Edition product)

The September Issue of 'Pen' Magazine is Filled with Cyborg 009! On Sale From the 16th August!

The September Issue of 'Pen' Magazine with a special Cyborg 009 feature!

A special Cyborg 009 poster with both the classic and new designs is included as an extra to the magazine.

Lots of information about the 2012 concluding volume as well as highlights of the new film are all available in the magazine for the first time.

There is coverage of everything from the classic Cyborg 009 manga, the original anime series, the concluding volume and of course the upcoming 009 RE:CYBORG film.

Shotaro Ishinomori's unfinished Cyborg 009 will finally come to a conclusion 14 years after his death.

There will also be interviews with Kenji Kamiyama, the director for 009 RE:CYBORG as well as with Jyou Onodera, the writer of the 'Cyborg 009 Final Volume: conclusion GODS WAR' novel.

009 RE:CYBORG Trailer 1 Revealed!

Now available on youtube: The all new trailer with never-before-seen footage of 009 RE:CYBORG!!

Check out this cool PEPSI NEX commercial!

PEPSI NEX × 009 RE:CYBORG © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Check out this cool PEPSI NEX commercial featuring the heroes of 009 RE:CYBORG! (Flier)

Watch Joe Shimamura and Jet Link fight it out in this Pepsi NEX commercial.

On July 28th the Latest Trailer and Third Pamphlet for the Film were Revealed! The Life-size Dive Gear, Café Restoration and 009 Room/Corner are Also Well Under Way!

The latest 009 RE:CYBORG trailer will start showing in cinemas from Saturday the 28th July!

009 RE:CYBORG's story comes to light on the double-sided pamphlet available at theaters across Japan!

After ten months of silence, the latest trailer for the 009 RE:CYBORG film is coming to theaters from the 28th July! (Please contact your local theater for more information as to when you can see the trailer.)

009 RE:CYBORG's story comes to light on the double-sided pamphlet available at theaters across Japan!

The pamphlet also features information about the 'Cyborg 009 Final Volume: conclusion GODS WAR' novel from Shotaro Ishinomori's will, written by Jyou Onodera. The veil hiding the story behind 009 RE:CYBORG has finally been lifted!

Check which theaters will be showing 009 RE:CYBORG where you can get hold of the latest information!

Shinjuku Wald 9 is working in collaboration with Pepsi NEX to create a life-size Dive Gear!
The 009 RE:CYBORG cafe restoration and upgrades are incoming across Japan!

Pepsi NEX x 009 RE:CYBORG Dive Gear at Shinjuku Wald 9

At Shinjuku Wald 9, you'll be able to find a 1/1 scale model of the network connection device known as the Dive Gear, used by Cyborg 003: Françoise in the film. It has been named the 'Pepsi NEX x 009 RE:CYBORG Dive Gear' and can be found near the ticket sales area!
You can seat yourself in the network machine to experience the 009 RE:CYBORG universe for yourself! (Click here to see a trailer featuring the Dive Gear)

Additionally, the popular 009 RE:CYBORG café will be coming back at five different theaters across Japan, with an all new original menu and limited edition coasters!

The café will be available at:
Shinjuku Wald 9, Yokohama Burg 13, Umeda Burg 7, T-Joy Kyoto and T-Joy Hakata.

Pasela Akihabara Showa Street Shop's Cyborg 009 Room has been renovated!

Renovated Cyborg 009 room at the Karaoke Pasela Akihabara Showa Street Shop

The Cyborg 009 room at the Karaoke Pasela Akihabara Showa Street Shop has been freshly renovated as of the 19th July!
It is a special room featuring original manuscripts of the manga collaged along the walls. Enter the room to be surrounded by the '009' universe, where you can enjoy some of the most famous scenes and enjoy some of the most memorable lines from the original manga once again.

Long time fans of the series are sure to enjoy it, but it is also recommended to those who have become interested in the original series due to the 009 RE:CYBORG film!

"TOKYO'S TOKYO" in Harajuku will features a 009 RE:CYBORG corner!

TOKYO'S TOKYO, the shop that features goods of new anime and manga series will have a '009' corner starting this Summer.
There will be many goods on sale including figures and books, 009 RE:CYBORG T-shirts made under supervision of Kenji Kamiyama, iPhone cases and other 『009 RE:CYBORG』 goods also available at the Ishinomori Store.

More 009 RE:CYBORG products are scheduled to be added in the future, so keep an eye out for them!

"Pen" magazine's September issue will have a special 009 feature! (on sale from the 16th August.)

The article features information from the very beggining of the '009' universe with the original manga which started in 'Shounen King' in 1964, it also covers the original animated series, the final edition and of course the latest 009 RE:CYBORG film.

An interview with Kenji Kamiyama and the writer of 'Cyborg 009 Final Volume: conclusion GODS WAR', Jyou Onodera.

There will also be a special cover and poster included with the magazine!

Zero Number Cyborg Stands, Prepurchase Ticket Bonuses #2 and Limited Edition Prepurchase Tickets at Convenience Stores!

From the 28th of July, the Zero Number Cyborgs will be visible at theaters nationwide as huge cut-out stands, wearing their crimson outfits and yellow scarves!

Also, from the 1st August, FamilyMart and Lawson Convenience stores will be selling prepurchase tickets with original extras!

【Zero Number Cyborg Stands on Display at Theaters Across Japan】

Zero Number Cyborg Stands on Display at Theaters Across Japan

※Please contact theater staff if you are unable to locate the displays.

『009 RE:CYBORG』chibi character accessories

Prepurchase Ticket Bonuses #2

From the 28th July, the second set of prepurchase tickets with extras will be going on sale!
The popular chibi characters will be included as rubber accessories as a bonus to your ticket!

Prepurchase tickets are priced at ¥1,300.

※The film is available in 2D and 3D options. In the case of a 3D film, you may need to pay the difference in price at the theater.
※ Designs may change from what you see here.


FamilyMart Limited Edition Prepurchase Tickets

From the 1st August, you can prepurchase tickets from FamilyMart's ticket sales systems, FamiPort and e+ which will include digital extras!
The limited edition digital tickets will be priced at ¥1,300.

On the same day, you can purchase a limited edition prepurchase ticket from which will include a 009 BE@RBRICK!
This limited prepurchase ticket will be priced at ¥2,875.

※The image shown is a sample. The actual product may differ.

BE@RBRICK™ & ©2001-2012 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

『009 RE:CYBORG』metal strap set

Lawson Limited Edition Prepurchase Tickets

Prepurchase tickets at Lawson will include a metal strap set featuring illustrations by the 009 RE:CYBORG staff!
Lawson prepurchase tickets will be priced at ¥2,060.

※The image shown is image illustration. The actual product may differ.

Voice Cast of 009 RE:CYBORG revealed!

We have just announced the cast of 009 RE:CYBORG, carefully selected by the director Kenji Kamiyama from a blind audition of over 200 tapes!

Cyborg 001: Ivan Whisky © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Sakiko Tamagawa

Cyborg 001: Ivan Whisky
Poster: 1/9 DOWNLOAD [ PDF:4.76MB | JPEG:953KB ]

Cyborg 002: Jet Link ©  009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Daisuke Ono

Cyborg 002: Jet Link
Poster: 2/9 DOWNLOAD [ PDF:3.65MB | JPEG:940KB ]

Cyborg 003: Françoise Arnoul ©  009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Chiwa Saito

Cyborg 003: Françoise Arnoul
Poster: 3/9 DOWNLOAD [ PDF:3.64MB | JPEG:945KB ]

Cyborg 004: Albert Heinrich ©  009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Toru Okawa

Cyborg 004: Albert Heinrich
Poster: 4/9 DOWNLOAD [ PDF:4.35MB | JPEG:959KB ]

Cyborg 005: Geronimo Jr. ©  009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Teruyuki Tanzawa

Cyborg 005: Geronimo Jr.
Poster: 5/9 DOWNLOAD [ PDF:2.90MB | JPEG:934KB ]

Cyborg 006: Chang Changku ©  009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Taro Masuoka

Cyborg 006: Chang Changku
Poster: 6/9 DOWNLOAD [ PDF:5.15MB | JPEG:941KB ]

Cyborg 007: Great Britain ©  009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Hiroyuki Yoshino

Cyborg 007: Great Britain
Poster: 7/9 DOWNLOAD [ PDF:3.35MB | JPEG:893KB ]

Cyborg 008: Pyunma ©  009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Noriaki Sugiyama

Cyborg 008: Pyunma
Poster: 8/9 DOWNLOAD [ PDF:3.89MB | JPEG:931KB ]

Cyborg 009: Joe Shimamura ©  009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Mamoru Miyano

Cyborg 009: Joe Shimamura
Poster: 9/9 DOWNLOAD [ PDF:3.41MB | JPEG:951KB ]

009 RE:CYBORG Trailer (International Version)