"009 RE:CYBORG" Movie - Movie Sneak Peek & The Making & Discussion

On October 19th 20:00, we will be streaming ["009 RE:CYBORG" Movie Sneak Peek & The Making & Discussion] at Nico Nico Live Broadcast.

Guests include the voice actress for Cyborg 003 (Françoise Arnoul) Chiwa Saito, director Kenji Kamiyama, music director Kenji Kawai, art director Yusuke Takeda and producer Tomohiko Ishii.

"009 RE:CYBORG" Movie - Now Accepting Scarf/Stole Photo Submissions!


Special collaboration campaign between ZOZOTOWN and "009 RE:CYBORG" Movie! We're now accepting photos (from head to toe) of clothing coordination using 00 Number CYBORG's symbolic "Scarf /Stole"!

10 selected winners will be given a pair ticket for the "009 RE:CYBORG" movie! (Ticket can be used at any theater in Japan).

  • Submission deadline: October 22nd (Mon.) 12:00 (noon)
  • Announcement of winners: October 24th (Wed.) Winners will be announced at the campaign page.
  • Campaign page for photo submissions:

※Notification email for the movie ticket winner will be sent to the email address registered on your ZOZOTOWN membership account.
※Presents will be sent starting from October 23rd (Tues.)

Beginning from October 8th (Mon.), "ZOZOTOWN × 009 RE:CYBORG" original fliers will be included in your purchased item. ※tocks are limited and fliers will be gone once depleted.

Additionally, from October 17th (Wed.), collaboration items with 9 popular brands will begin its sale!

"009 RE:CYBORG" Movie - Collaboration with INAC Kobe!

009 RE:CYBORG Movie - Collaboration with INAC Kobe!

A collaboration project between the 00 Number Cyborgs and the popular female soccer player from INAC Kobe wearing a red and yellow uniform!

Nahomi Kawasumi (Nadeshiko Japan), Yoko Tanaka (Young Nadeshiko), Goebel-Yanez and the Cyborg warriors with their yellow scarf will become "chibi-character" (super deformed style) stickers.

In commemoration of this collaboration, a special project will also take place during INAC Kobe's home game on October 6th (Sat.) and 21st (Sun.). At the 009 tent booth set up inside the stadium, we will be handing out a 1-day only limited design stickers.

Leap across the field! Hyper-acceleration mode!

"009 RE:CYBORG" movie - Collaboration with Yokohama Municipal Subway!

Quiz Rally "We cannot start until we finish."
Campaign period: October 12th (Fri.) ~ November 18th (Sun.)
Collect the keywords written in the character posters posted at the 5 Municipal Subway Stations (Yokohama Station, Sakuragicho Station, Kannai Station, Kamioka Station, Totsuka Station). Those who watch "009 RE:CYBORG" movie at Yokohama Burg 13 and answer the quiz will have a chance to win the "009 RE:CYBORG" original goods in the lottery!
Municipal Subway Jacking
Posting Period: October 4th (Thurs.) ~October 31st (Tues.)
※The wall posters will be posted from October 11th (Thurs.) ~ November 18th (Sun.)
009 RE:CYBORG Train service
Service period: October 16th (Tues.) ~ November 5th (Mon.)
※"009 RE:CYBORG" jacks the Municipal Subway Blue Line "Hamarin-go"
Original 1-Day Passenger Ticket Sale
Location: 4 limited municipal subway stations - "Yokohama Station", "Kannai Station", "Kamioka Station" and "Totsuka Station"
Ticket availability: 1000 tickets
Sale Price: 740 Yen for adult tickets※Only adult tickets will be sold

For more information, please visit the Yokohama Transportation Bureau website. "We cannot start until we finish."

VIERA × 009 RE:CYBORG - Watch the Limited Viera 009 in your living room!

VIERA × 009 RE:CYBORG - Watch the Limited Viera 009 in your living room!

Panasonic VIERA × "009 RE:CYBORG" movie campaign - Watch the Limited VIERA 009 in your living room!

Those who apply by purchasing the selected VIERA during the campaign period and registering on "CLUB Panasonic" will be able to watch the "009 RE:CYBORG" movie using the acTVila internet service.
※The video is set to streaming-only and cannot be downloaded.

Purchase Period: October 1st, 2012 ~ February 28th, 2013
Application Period: October 1st, 2012 ~ March 24th, 2013
Viewing Period: December 8th, 2012 ~ March 24th, 2013

"009 RE:CYBORG" Movie - Pair Invitation to the World's Earliest Preview Screening (held at Ishinomaki)

The world's earliest preview screening for "009 RE:CYBORG" will be held at Ishinomori, Miyagi Prefecture linked with the author, Shotaro Ishinomori.
Greetings from Director Kenji Kamiyama is also scheduled before the preview screening.

Time: October 13th (Sat.) 18:00 (Opening Time) 18:30 (Start)
Location/Inquiry: Warner Michael Cinemas Shin-Ishinomaki
Speaker: Kenji kamiyama (Scheduled)
Deadline: October 7th (Mon.)
Registration: Sendai Television, Warner Michael Cinemas Shin-Ishinomaki

"009 RE:CYBORG" Movie Original Messages for Theaters Around Japan!

The 00-numbered cyborgs from "009 RE:CYBORG" takes control over the theaters!

Characters from the movie will have different original messages at each theater for the viewers to hear.
Including comments from the voice actors/actresses and the character's famous lines!

Make sure you check out each theater's website!

Release of "009 RE:CYBORG" Movie Trailer!

The "009 RE:CYBORG" movie trailer (97 sec.) has been released on the Youtube Official Channel! (Channel Registration)
*Nation wide screening will start from September, 29th.

Character voice including Cyborg 009: Joe Shimamura (VC: Mamoru Miyano), 002: Jet (VC: Daisuke Ono), 003: Françoise (VC: Chiwa Saito) and 004: Heinrich (VC: Toru Okawa) will be released!

The visual image and voice for Professor Gilmore (Nobuyuki Katsube) has also been released!

What could Professor Gilmore have meant when he said "Are you really the Joe Shimamura?"...!?

I am currently at the Skywalker Sound in the US working on the final process of the sounds.

Kenji Kamiyama at Skywalker Sound

The 2D movie is already complete and the 3D movie production is right at it's climax. We are connected with the staffs in Tokyo and are finishing up on the movie together.

It has been 2 years since the planning, 1 year since the team and I started creating this movie and now "009 RE:CYBORG" is finally coming to shape.
The characters created with 3DCG, which looks like a 2D cell animation, will move around energetically in the wide area beyond the screen. I am more confident than ever to say that this movie is becoming like something no one has ever seen.

I will be most grateful if you can join us in the theaters nationwide on October 27th (sat.) to watch videos created by our staff and listen to the best sounds in the world.

September 28th, 2012 From San Francisco Kenji Kamiyama

"009 RE:CYBORG" Movie - Advanced Tickets & Present Campaign

We are finally 1 month away from the release of Director Kenji Kamiyama's latest work, "009 RE:CYBORG".

We have announced many special features for the advanced tickets in the past. The advanced tickets that are currently still available has been gathered in one page.

There are tons of information regarding the ongoing present campaigns!

Now Taking Orders for JAM HOME MADE × "009 RE:CYBORG" Accessories!


The white rings which also appear in the "009 RE:CYBORG" movie has been processed in such a way that allow the 00 numbers (003, 009) to emerge over time. The rope bracelet which has been knitted with colors symbolizing the 9 warrior's home country flag comes with yellow part that represents their red suit's button. Additionally included are the 14 differently colored leather bracelet with a "009" logo shaped fastener.

This an epoch-making collaboration between accessories and animation. The 2 different genre has started working on this development as early as the story's production process.

Reservation Period: September 21st (Fri.) ~ September 30th (Sun.)
Reservation Period: September 21st (Fri.) ~ November 30th (Fri.)