Original Ramen Collaboration Project Between 9 Famous Restaurants and 9 Cyborg Warriors!

Original Ramen Collaboration Project Between 9 Famous Restaurants and 9 Cyborg Warriors!

This is the first ever collaboration between movies and! We cannot start until we eat!

Limited original ramen based on the 00 Number Cyborgs developed by popular restaurants will be available from which is known for delivering fresh ramen from popular restaurants!

The 9 selected from 83 stores will develop Ramen based on the Cyborg's characteristics!

  • 001: Ivan Whisky x Menya Ishin (Yokohama)
  • 002: Jet Link x Muteppou (Kyoto)
  • 003: Françoise Arnoul x Ryukishin (Osaka)
  • 004: Albert Heinrich x Kani Senmon Keisuke Kitanoshou (Tokyo Station)
  • 005: Geronimo Junior x Setagaya (Tokyo Komazawa)
  • 006: Chang Changku x Authentic Chinese Noodle Restaurant Kohmen (Ikebukuro)※Also on sale at
  • 007: Great Britain x Ramen Dining Do Miso (Kyobashi)
  • 008: Pyunma x Toyama Dining Noodle Restaurant Iroha (Toyama)
  • 009: Joe Shimamura x Ippudo (Fukuoka)

In physical stores, the staff will be serving ramen with a special "009" T-shirts!
At the Ryukishin, the T-shirts will be in Sera Rinka style! Sera Rinka is from Takarazuka Revue and loves Ramen!

Takumen brings you ramen as it is served in restaurants. Don't miss this chance to try it out!。

Nippon Television "ZIP!", "Eiga Tengoku" x "009 RE:CYBORG" Movie - Now Broadcasting!

Nippon Television

1 member from the 00 Number Cyborg will make an appearance each morning making the "ZIP" pose!
Starting from October 15th (Mon.), members from the 9 00 Number Cyborg will appear in the Nippon Television show "ZIP!" (5:50~8:00 AM) making the "ZIP!" pose! A different member will take turns and appear each morning for 2 weeks until the day before the movie release date. ※Schedule may change
Interview with Director Kenji Kamiyama
On October 15th (Mon.) 23:59, "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. SOLID STATE SOCIETY ANOTHER DIMENSION" directed by Kenji Kamiyama will be broadcasted in commemoration of the movie release of "009 RE:CYBORG"!
※This broadcast will not be available in certain regions
In this broadcast we will also be bringing you the "Special Interview" with Director Kenji Kamiyama and his thoughts about "Ghost in the Shell" and "009 RE:CYBORG", both of which feature a "cyborg protagonist".

From next week, "009 RE:CYBORG" movie special projects will be broadcasted in Nippon Television's TV programs!

October 13th "009 RE:CYBORG" Movie - World's Earliest Preview Screening Review

October 13th

The world's earliest preview screening for "009 RE:CYBORG" movie was held in "Miyagi Prefecture Ishinomaki" linked with it's author Shotaro Ishinomori. In this world premiere, we received applicants 5 times the amount of the seating capacity!

Director Kamiyama visited the Ishinomori Mangattan Museum for the first time in 1 year and 4 months to report the completion of the film.

Warner Michael Cinema Shin-Ishinomaki theater was filled with "009 RE:CYBORG" movie atmosphere. High school student writers can also be seen at group interviews. At the red carpet were the Cyborg Warrior Kids to welcome the audience.

Before the start of the show, Ken Narita heartily sang "Taga Tame ni" (Lyrics: Shotaro Ishinomori, Music composition: Masaaki Hirao, Arrangement: Koichi Sugiyama) which is the opening theme for "Cyborg 009" TV series broadcasted back in 1979!

On the 19th next week, a special screening event featuring the Director, Cast and Staff will be held in Tokyo Roppongi and Shinjuku.

The movie will be released on October 27th (Sat.)! Acceleration switch on!

Director Kamiyama's 1st Full Review "Bungei Separate Volume : Kenji Kamiyama" Available from October 25th!

最新作『009 RE:CYBORG』まで網羅、神山監督初の総特集『文藝別冊 神山健治』 © 「009 RE:CYBORG」製作委員会

In commemoration of Director Kenji Kamiyama's debut 10th anniversary, a full review of Director Kamiyama will be released! This review will go over his 1st work, "MiniPato", "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C." series, "Eden of the East" and the latest "009 RE:CYBORG".

Included are a 50 thousand characters long interview of his experience based on his childhood and art staff days, a talk session with Director Goro Miyazaki and Iwai Shunji and commentaries of the Director's works by Yoko Kanno, Atsuko Tanaka, Hiroshi Kamiya and Tetsuya Nishio. This review also features an essay and discussion by Mari Akasaka, Nahoko Uehashi, Melon Uminekozawa, Sensha Yoshida and more to help you further understand the world of Kenji Kamiyama!

Opening color gravure : Now showing permanent edition poster!

October 19th Earliest Movie Screening Event! - "009 RE:CYBORG" Night!

10.19『009 RE:CYBORG』Night!

In commemoration of the movie release, Roppongi and Shinjuku will have its special movie screening event before the nation-wide release!

Take this chance to be the first to enjoy the world of "009 RE:CYBORG" movie!

Part 1 "Cyborg Warriors in Roppongi HIlls" Opening Greeting & Special Screening Event

10.19『009 RE:CYBORG』Night! 六本木ヒルズ © 「009 RE:CYBORG」製作委員会

009: Joe Shimamura climbs to the observatory platform on the 52nd floor but what exactly are his intentions...? The opening of the "009 RE:CYBORG" taking place in Roppongi Hills was created through extensive research. Please take this opportunity to "feel" 009 RE:CYBORG at the TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills.

Dates: October 19th (Fri.) 18:00 Open / 18:30 Start (~20:50 End)
Location: TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills
Guest: Kenji Kamiyama, Mamoru Miyano (Scheduled)
Price: 3000 Yen
Ticket: Sales will begin on October 13th (Sat.) 0:00~

※If seats are still available, we will continue selling tickets at the movie counter from 9:30~.
※All seats can be purchased via internet ticket "vit".

Part 2 Special Screening Event with "Release Special! Live Making & Live Post Recording"

Before the beginning of the movie, Director Kenji Kamiyama along with 009: Mamoru Miyano, 003: Chiwa Saito and the production staff will let us in on how the movie was created. In this event the production staff will also create the video and voice actors/actress will voice the characters right on stage! This is a never-before live production!

Dates: October 19th (Fri.) 19:45 Open / 20:00 Start (~23:30 End)
Location: Shinjuku Wald 9
Guest: Kenji Kamiyama, Mamoru Miyano, Chiwa Saito, Hiroaki Matsuura, Daisuke Suzuki, Yusuke Takeda
Price: 3000 Yen
Ticket: Sales will begin on October 13th (Sat.) 0:00~ Tickets are available from KINEZO

※Although this event will be streamed at Nico Nico Live Broadcast, the main movie will only be viewable from the movie theater.

"009 RE:CYBORG" Movie - Nippon Television Original Download Contents!

"Nippon Television Market" website for smart phones

009 RE:CYBORG Movie - Nippon Television Original Download Contents!

Download the special themes for Android OS smart phone!
The home screen, drawer's background and certain application icons (the number of changeable icons will depend on your device) can be set to your liking.
Emoticons can also be downloaded!

※You are required to install a free exclusive home application "Kisekae HOME+" (きせかえHOME+) before using this theme.
※You are also required to register for the free membership account before using the "Nippon Television Market" (日テレマーケット).

"Anime Nippon Television" website for feature phones

Anime Nippon Television website for feature phones

Download the Flash standby screen! 00 Number members can be displayed individually or in a group.
Emoticon and themes are also scheduled to be available for download!

Anime Nippon Television website QR code for feature phones

[How to access]
Menu List → TV → Nippon Television → Anime → 009 RE:CYBORG

"009 RE:CYBORG" Movie - Collaboration with Fukuoka City Wi-Fi Service!

Announcing the Wifi stamp rally "We cannot start until we connect"!

"Fukuoka City Wi-Fi" is a free Wi-Fi hotspot service in Fukuoka city. Join the stamp rally contest and collect all 9 stamps to apply for the lottery for special prizes!

Contest period: October 27th (Sat.) 2012 ~ November 25th (Sun.) 2012

009 RE:CYBORG Pia Available from October 18th (Can be Preordered)

009 RE:CYBORG Pia Available from October 18th

In commemoration of the release of "009 RE:CYBORG" Movie, "009 RE:CYBORG Pia" book/magazine will be released on October 18th! The cover is decorated by an illustration newly drawn for this book/magazine. It will include a folded poster of this illustration.


Purchase this book/magazine at Pia BOOKSHOP to get a free original clear file! (clear file design : right image)

Included are the outline of the story, character introduction and also comments by the voice actors/actresses. (Voice actors/actresses: Sakiko Tamagawa, Daisuke Ono, Chiwa Saito, Toru Okawa, Teruyuki Tanzawa, Taro Masuoka, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Noriaki Sugiyama, Mamoru Miyano and Nobuyuki Katsube)

Also included are the long interview of Director Kenji Kamiyama and interviews of his staff.

This book/magazine will bring you awesome bits from the "009 RE:CYBORG" movie faster than anywhere else and is sure to be entertaining for those with and without background knowledge.

"009 RE:CYBORG" Movie Newsfeed Application Now Available!

009 RE:CYBORG News Reader for iPhone

009 RE:CYBORG News Reader for iPhone

009 RE:CYBORG News Reader for Android

009 RE:CYBORG News Reader for Android

Along with the news comes the Cyborg 009 examination called "00 Number - Discover the Mystery of the Cyborg!". You can share your exam results with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

Preorder for Original Soundtrack & Tribute Album Begins!

009 RE:CYBORG Original Soundtrack SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG009 RE:CYBORG Tribute Album

Original Soundtrack "SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG"
Will be released on October 21st! This music masterpiece was composed, recorded and played live by Kenji Kawai for the "009 RE:CYBORG" movie! Main theme is "guitar". The theme for Joe Shimamura will be "acoustic guitar" and other 00 Number Cyborgs will be "electric guitar"!
Will be released on November 21st! Along with the songs not included in the original soundtrack is the renewed version of the famous song, "Taga Tame ni"!

Artists: Ken Narita / Shinji Harada / Chiaki Ishikawa / His Excellency Demon / !!!KYONO+DJBAKU!!! / Mamoru Miyano / Chiwa Saito