"009 RE:CYBORG" Movie - Illustrations and Messages of Support Vol.1

Shinichi Suzuki (manga artist / animator) × 009 RE:CYBORG © 009 RE:CYBORG Production CommitteeShinichi Hiromoto (manga artist) × 009 RE:CYBORG © 009 RE:CYBORG Production CommitteeToshiko Onodera (wife of Shotaro Ishinomori) × 009 RE:CYBORG © 009 RE:CYBORG Production CommitteeMitsuru Sugaya (manga artist) × 009 RE:CYBORG © 009 RE:CYBORG Production CommitteePansonWorks (designer / illustrator) × 009 RE:CYBORG © 009 RE:CYBORG Production CommitteeYuzuru Shimazaki (manga artist) × 009 RE:CYBORG © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

We've received illustrations and messages of support from over 150 manga artists, illustrators and creators who attended the "009 RE:CYBORG" movie screening!

The director and his staff can't thank them enough for these wonderful gifts!

Above are pictures we received kind permission to upload to this website.

Shinichi Suzuki, Shinichi Hiromoto, Toshiko Onodera, Mitsuru Sugaya, PansonWorks, Yuzuru Shimazaki (in random order)

"009 RE: CYBORG" 50 page movie pamphlet completed!


Pamphlets for director Kenji Kamiyama's work has always been very popular among fans selling like hotcakes! For the "009 RE: CYBORG" movie pamphlet, we've carefully selected the design, paper quality and its content to the minute detail!

Included are interviews of director Kenji Kamiyama & staffs, documentary of the making and also character correlation chart & map of the simultaneous multiple terrorist attacks to help you further enjoy the movie!

October 26th (Fri.) Nippon Television "TOKYO hi-IMAGINE" Director Kenji Kamiyama Special Coverage Vol.2!

Nippon Television

In response to popular demand, "TOKYO hi-IMAGINE" Director Kenji Kamiyama Special Coverage Vol.2 will be broadcasted on Nippon Television on October 27th (Sat.) from 02:23 AM (JST).

Director Kenji Kamiyama, Hiroyuki Amano and Aya Hirano will be here to talk about the "009 RE: CYBORG" movie in details!

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles x 009 RE: CYBORG T-Shirts Now on Sale

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles x 009 RE: CYBORG © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Because the original manga "Cyborg 009" was inspired by baseball team and it's author, Shotaro Ishinomori, was from Miyagi Prefecture, we have begun collaborating with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles!

The special collaboration design feature 00 Number Cyborgs wearing Tohoku Rakuten Eagles uniform and playing baseball!

T-shirts will be available at the Rakuten Eagles Official Shop from September 27th.

Director Kenji Kamiyama's "009 RE:CYBORG" now in comic!

Director Kenji Kamiyama's

The year is 2013 and the world is enveloped in turmoil and unease by the simultaneous bombings.

To counter this unprecedented crisis, the 9 cyborg warriors who has saved humankind countless times in the past has begun to rise up for the next challenge. For whom will the cyborg warriors do justice?

The new "Cyborg 009", created by director Kenji Kamiyama and Japan's finest animation staff, will also be available in comic!

Release date: October 25th 2012

Sound track "SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG" and others now available for download!

映画『009 RE:CYBORG』オリジナルサウンドトラック「SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG」 © 「009 RE:CYBORG」製作委員会映画『009 RE:CYBORG』トリビュートアルバム「ANOTHER SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG」 © 「009 RE:CYBORG」製作委員会


The sound track, "SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG", can now be downloaded from mora and iTunes!
With the "SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG" album release, we will also be bringing you downloadable contents!
The soundtrack can be downloaded to computers, smart phones and WALKMAN!
"Taga Tame ni -2012VER.-" and others now available for download at VAP Mobile!
"RE:CYBORG" and 2 other songs from the original sound track, "SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG", is available for download as truetone/mastertone!
"Cyborg 009" opening theme, "Taga Tame ni -2012VER.-", sung by Ken Narita in the tribute album "ANOTHER SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG" is now available for download as truetone (2 types) before the album's release!
※Accessible only by cell phones.

TOKYO ANIME CENTER "009 RE:CYBORG" Exhibition Now Open!


From October 23th, we will be holding a "009 RE:CYBORG" Exhibition at TOKYO ANIME CENTER.

Visitors will expect to find movie storyboard materials, pictures of scenes from the movie, monitors to enjoy movie trailers in 3D, pre-order merchandise on display and other related goods for sale.

Period: October 23rd 2012 ~ November 4th (Scheduled)※Closed on October 15th
Admission is free.

009 RE:CYBORG Premium Shop Open for Limited Time

009 RE: CYBORG Premium Shop Open for Limited Time

We will be opening a premium shop at Shinjuku Marui Men 1F & 7F where visitors can purchase original goods and view rare reference materials on display!

The store will be open for limited period between October 24th (Weds.) ~ November 4th (Sun.).

Visitors will also find voice actor's/actresses's messages that are available only at Shinjuku Marui Men and also be eligible to participate in a lottery! Winners will receive posters signed by Joe Shimamura's voice actor Mamoru Miyano.

October 24th (Weds.) Nippon Television "News ZERO" - Director Kamiyama Special Coverage

Nippon Television

On October 24th (Weds.) 22:54~ (JST) we will be broadcasting a special coverage on "009 RE: CYBORG" movie.

Director Kamiyama will be interviewed by newscaster Chiaki Horan, and reflect his thoughts on the movie production. (※Schedule is subject to change)

Nippon Television Plus - All Episodes from "Cyborg 009 (1979)" to be Broadcasted!

Nippon Television Plus - All Episodes from

To celebrate the release of "009 RE: CYBORG" movie, we will be broadcasting all episodes from the "Cyborg 009 (1979)" anime!

  • Starts from November 7th (Weds.)!
  • Every week (Mon.) ~ (Thurs.) 26:00 (JST) ~ (2 episodes will be broadcasted each day)