Announcing the "SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG Talk Show with Music Director Kenji Kawai"!

We are delighted to announce the "009 RE:CYBORG" Repeat Viewers Appreciation Project Volume 3!
The film music widely acclaimed on Twitter and blogosphere was directed by Kenji Kawai who also worked on "Guardian of the Spirit" and "Eden of the East" together with director Kamiyama. Now for the first time, music director Kawai will be holding a talk show on the "009 RE:CYBORG" film music. We also plan to have a Q&A session for the visitors.
 Please take this chance to enjoy the world of "009" music!

  • Dates: November 25th (Sun.) 18:40~ (Talk show begins after the screening starting from 16:50 / Talk show ends on 19:10)
  • Location: Shinjuku Wald9 Theater No.5
  • Guest: Kenji Kawai
  • Tickets:
    • Online Ticket Reservation KINEZO EXPRESS
      Available from November 22nd Thurs. 0:00~(21st Weds. 24:00~)
    • Theater Ticket Counter
      Available from November 23rd (Fri.) Theater opens at (7:30AM~)


The tribute album for "009 RE:CYBORG" will finally be released on November 21st!

This special disk contain character songs sung by voice actor/actress, cover songs for the popular "Cyborg 009" theme song "Taga Tame ni" and also songs written especially for this album!
As a special surprise, the original singer Ken Narita will self cover the "Taga Tame ni" cover song! Relive the emotion and excitement from 33 years ago! Additionally, Shinji Harada and Chiaki Ishikawa who won't be covering many songs this time will passionately sing their original "Taga Tame ni"! This album also include songs written by Kenji Kawai and songs unrecorded on the soundtrack!

【Participating Artists】
Ken Narita / !!!KYONO+DJBAKU!!! / Shinji Harada / His Excellency Demon / Chiaki Ishikawa / Cyborg003: Françoise Arnoul (CV: Chiwa Saito) / Cyborg009: Joe Shimamura (CV:Mamoru Miyano) / Kenji Kawai / Hidehiro Kawai

【Recorded Songs】
001 "HIS VOICE IS ..." Kenji Kawai
002 "Taga Tame ni -2012ver.-" Ken Narita
003 "Akai Kutsu" Cyborg 003: Françoise Arnoul (CV: Chiwa Saito)
005 "Taga Tame ni" Shinji Harada
006 "Karappo no Heya-RESET TO ZERO-" His Excellency Demon
007 "RE:OPENING" Hidehiro Kawai
008 "Taga Tame ni" Chiaki Ishikawa
009 "LISTEN TO MY HEART" Cyborg009: Joe Shimamura (CV:Mamoru Miyano)
010 "MID REPORT" Kenji Kawai

Release schedule for "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. SSS 3D" and "009 RE:CYBORG" in Asia is out!

The release schedule for "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. SSS 3D" and "009 RE:CYBORG" in Asia is finally here!

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society 3D

  • November 23rd (Fri.)~
    • Hong Kong
      • GH Mongkok
      • GH Citywalk
    • Taiwan
      • Vieshow Taipei Hsin-Yi
      • Vieshow Hinchu
      • Vieshow TaiChung Mode Mall
      • Vieshow Tainan
      • Vieshow KHS
  • November 24th (Sat.)~
    • Singapore
      • GV VivoCity


  • November 30th (Fri.)~
    • Hong Kong
      • GH Mongkok
      • GH Citywalk
    • Taiwan
      • Vieshow Taipei Hsin-Yi
      • Vieshow Hinchu
      • Vieshow TaiChung Mode Mall
      • Vieshow Tainan
      • Vieshow KHS
  • December 1st (Sat.)~
    • Singapore
      • GV VivoCity

For more detailed information, please check with the movie theaters above. Limited Edition Figure Campaign & Tokyo's Tokyo Fair ends on the 18th!

"009 RE:CYBORG" related campaign and fair ends on the 18th!
Please take this opportunity to check them out! Limited Edition Figure (RAH002, 004) Director Kenji Kamiyama's Autograph Present Campaign
Customers purchasing the limited edition 002 / 004 figures at will get a chance to win movie pamphlets signed by the director himself! 20 winners will be selected in the lottery! This campaign ends on 18th (Sun.).
Tokyo's Tokyo Store Fair
"009 RE:CYBORG" Fair held at the Tokyo's Tokyo Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku will end on the 18th (Sun.)! Limited design iPhone cases and T-shirts are on sale with only few stocks left!

"009 RE:CYBORG" original ZIPPO lighter is up for preorder!

Announcing the "009 RE:CYBORG" original ZIPPO lighter!
009 ver. and 003 ver. are currently up for preorder!

"009 RE:CYBORG" Android Calendar App "Refills"

"009 RE:CYBORG" styled calendar (Refills) has been released!
This calendar is available on the schedule app, "myArrange Schedule" (Free).

The backgrounds of each month will feature characters from "009 RE:CYBORG". You will also be updated with the latest news regarding "009 RE:CYBORG"!

Download yours from here!

Announcing the Director Kamiyama Talk Show!

We have seen Shotaro Ishinomori's unfinished masterpiece "Cyborg 009" reborn into "009 RE:CYBORG" by director Kenji Kamiyama known for his "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C." series and "Eden of the East".

Ever since its release on October 27th (Sat.), the movie has attracted over 150 thousand viewers in which many became enthusiastic fans and repeaters of the complex plot and the all new 3D movie experience.

Due to popular demand and now for the first time after the movie release, director Kamiyama will be giving a talk show on the world of "009 RE:CYBORG".
After the movie screening, director Kamiyama will be giving his talk show and also taking questions from the audience!

We look forward to seeing you there!

■Repeat Viewers Appreciation Project / Volume 002
[The World of "009 RE:CYBORG" with Director Kenji Kamiyama]

  • Dates: November 20th (Tues.) Talk show starts from 21:30 (After the screening beginning on 19:40) and ends on 22:00
  • Guest: Director Kenji Kamiyama / MC: Producer Tomohiko Ishii
  • Location: Shinjuku Wald9 Theater No.5
  • Ticket sale: Begins on November 15th (Thurs.) 24:00~ Shinjuku Wald9 HP

"ANOTHER SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG" Album Release Special Event!!

We will be holding a special event celebrating the release of "ANOTHER SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG" which will be on sale from November 21st!

Guest: Kenji Kawai, Ken Narita
Dates: November 25th (Sun.) 2012
Time: 21:00 START
Location: Tower Records Shinjuku 7F Event Space
Details: Talk Show & Mini Live Concert
Applicable Merchandise: "ANOTHER SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG" (Released on November 21st)
Item Number: VPCG-84932 Price: 3,000 Yen
How to participate: We will be handing out event tickets with a reference number to customers who have purchased "ANOTHER SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG" (VPCG-84932) at either Tower Records Shinjuku or Tower Records Shibuya on a first-come, first-served basis. Those with reservation will be given priority over the others in line.

  • Those with event tickets are eligible to participate in the autograph session after the event. Please remember to bring your purchased CD as the guests will be signing on its cover.
  • Please remember to bring your event tickets. Visitors will be lining up at the special area in the order of their reference number.
  • Pre-order is available only at stores. We will not be taking pre-orders via telephone call.
  • The event tickets will not be reissued under any circumstances (lost tickets / damaged tickets).
  • Please be noted that the event and its details may be subject to change upon the artist's convenience.
  • Recording, videotaping, photographing and eating is prohibited in the event area.

Limited Trading Cards for the First 50 Thousand Visitors!

009 RE:CYBORG Limited Trading Cards for the First 50 Thousand Visitors © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

The "009 RE:CYBORG" movie has quickly attracted over 100 thousand viewers with high percentage of repeat viewers in the 3D version! It's also been recently announced that "009 RE:CYBORG" will have it's second run in theaters nationwide.

In appreciation to the repeat viewers, we will be holding a campaign in which the first 50 thousand visitors can get a free "Limited Trading Card" with drawings of new/old cyborg warriors starting on November 10th (Sat.)!

The trading cards has illustration of the original "Cyborg 009" and "009 RE:CYBORG" on both sides and come in 10 different variations. 9 cards will have illustration of cyborg warriors with the voice actors/actresses autograph and 1 card will be a group photo of all the 9 cyborg warriors with director Kenji Kamiyama's autograph.

Shinjuku Wald 9 / TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills / TOHO Cinemas Shibuya / T-Joy Oizumi / TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho / Yokohama Burg 13 / TOHO Cinemas Kawasaki / TOHO Cinemas Lalaport Yokohama / T-Joy Soga / MOVIX Saitama

※Trading cards will be handed out in all theaters starting from November 12th (Mon.).
※Please check with the theaters for more detailed information.
※Please also be noted that the cards will be handed out randomly.

Netz Toyota Tokyo × 009 RE:CYBORG "Nekketsu 009 DAYS"!

Netz Toyota Tokyo × 009 RE:CYBORG

The "Nekketsu 009 DAYS" is being held at the Netz Toyota Tokyo!

During the campaign period we will be holding a lottery where you can win 009 original goods and Tohoku gourmet. Additionally, there will be a "009 Imitation Photo Contest" for kids to submit their 009 imitation photos!
We will also have a Nekketsu project for the new cars and the maintenance service as well.

We cannot start until you arrive!
Let's rush to the Netz Tokyo in acceleration mode!

Campaign Period : November 10th (Sat.) ~ 18th (Sun.)