The Top Secret '009 RE:CYBORG Mid Report' has been revealed!

The short film, '009 RE:CYBORG Mid Report' which was released to theaters nationwide with great response is now available on the official YouTube channel! (Subscribe

The short film was put together by a special team picked by Kenji Kamiyama together with A.T., one of the top commercial producers who also had a hand in the 'Ghost In The Shell S.A.C.' opening.(The video also features English subtitles.)

"Just where are they now...?"

The film is a story of a journalist in search of the 00 Cyborgs in the present day.
Be sure to try and solve all the riddles that come up in the video!

Director: A.T.
Music: Kenji Kawai
Cast: Maciej Kucia
Producer: Kanya Ipposhi
Director of Photographer: Yuudai Morita
Lighting: Makoto Kashiwakura
Art Designer: Hideo Gunji
CG Producer: Endo Masato
Hair & Make: Minako Suzuki
CGI: finitto
Sound Design: Tokyo Television Center
Creative Director & Dialogue: Shoichi Furuta (STEVE N' STEVEN)
Executive Producers: Kenji Kamiyama & Tomohiko Ishii

Cooperation: Asahi Newspaper

009 Posters, Premiere Date, Theater Locations, Café and Manga revealed!

Thanks to everyone's tweets, we have confirmed sightings of the 00 Cyborgs.

Kenji Kamiyama's Film "009 RE:CYBORG"9連ポスター © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

神山健治監督作品『009 RE:CYBORG』10月27日(土)公開 上映劇場マップ © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

The premiere date will be the 27th October, and will be shown at theaters nationwide!

The T-JOY 009 RE:CYBORG Café is Open!

A T-JOY 009 RE:CYBORG Café has opened to coincide with the release of the 1st set of pre-sale tickets!

T・ジョイ系 5劇場『009 RE:CYBORG カフェ』オリジナルドリンク © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

The café will feature two different drinks based on the image colors of the 00 number cyborgs. Plus if you visit the café during the 009 RE:CYBORG period, you'll receive a set of postcards featuring all nine of the main characters! (Stock is limited). Plus, any customers who order the limited edition drinks will be entered into a raffle to receive one set of the 009 RE:CYBORG promotional character posters as well as the second promotional poster!

Shinjuku Wald 9 / Yokohama Burg 13 / T-JOY Hakata / Umeda Burg 7 / T-JOY Kyoto
From 28th April (Sat) until 18th May (Fri).

Even more news! A manga version of 009 RE:CYBORG is in the works!

The manga's story will be written by Kenji Kamiyama and the manga will be illustrated by Gatou Asou, the character designer for the film. The manga will be serialized in Monthly BIG GANGAN Vol.6 which releases on the 25th May.

An order from Gilmore Labs! Tweet the locations of the Cyborgs!

Kenji Kamiyama's Film "009 RE:CYBORG"ギルモア研究所より指令第二弾 © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Character designs from director Kenji Kamiyama's 009 RE:CYBORG will be declassified one-by-one on nine of the biggest movie news sites in the country!

Surf the web in acceleration mode and find the locations of all the 00 Cyborgs, then tweet them with the hashtag #PH9!

YouTube PH9『009 RE:CYBORG』特報 第一弾 © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

  • Tell your followers to search, too.
  • Include the hashtag "#PH9" to report.

Find out who you are looking for on the first trailer!

This week, classified information about the 009 RE:CYBORG film will be revealed in Acceleration Mode!

001. Pre-sale Tickets with Special Chibi Character Stickers will be on sale from the 29th April!
Be one of the first to see Kenji Kamiyama's newest film, 009 RE:CYBORG by grabbing a pre-sale ticket from the 28th April!
Kenji Kamiyama's Film "009 RE:CYBORG"ちびキャラデコシール © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee
(009: Joe Shimamura, 002: Jet Link, 003: Françoise Arnoul)
Pre-sale tickets will be sold from the following theaters:
Shinjuku Wald 9 / T-JOY Oizumi / MOVIX Kameari / MOVIX Akishima / Yokohama Burg 13 / T-JOY Soga / MOVIX Saitama / MOVIX Kawaguchi / MOVIX Misato / MOVIX Tsukuba / MOVIX Isesaki / T-JOY Niigata Bandai / T-JOY Nagaoka / MOVIX Shimizu / Sapporo Cinema Frontier / MOVIX Sendai / 109 Cinemas Nagoya / Warner Mycal Cinema Shinishinomaki / MOVIX Miyoshi / MOVIX Yao / Umeda Burg 7 / Namba Parks Cinema / T-JOY Kyoto / Eigaru 8 Cinemas / Hiroshima Wald 11 / T-JOY Higashihiroshima / T-JOY Hakata / T-JOY Riverwalk Kitakyushu / T-JOY Kurume (29 Theaters)
002. The short film '009 RE:CYBORG Mid Report' premieres!
From the 28th April you can see the short film '009 RE:CYBORG Mid Report'. The film will bring new information about the 00 Cyborgs!
The film will only be at T-JOY theaters. Please contact the theaters for further information.
003. T-JOY Theater's Twitter Icons!
Be sure to follow the twitter account of a theater near you for the latest info about the film!

Each theater was given one of the 00 Cyborgs through a raffle, and is now using them as twitter icons!

Kenji Kamiyama's Film "009 RE:CYBORG"上映劇場 各劇場支配人くじ引き記念写真 © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

1st set of pre-sale tickets for 009 RE:CYBORG movie! On sale April 28th (Saturday)!

1st set of pre-sale tickets for 009 RE:CYBORG movie! On sale April 28th (Saturday)! © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

Pre-sale tickets for Kenji Kamiyama's new film, 009 RE:CYBORG go on sale on Saturday, April 28th!

In the first set of tickets, you can get one of three "Chibi Character Decorative Stickers," including Cyborg 009! Only available while supplies last, so try to get them as soon as possible!

(Pictures of the Chibi Characters will be revealed shortly!)  © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

  • 009: Joe Shimamura
  • 002: Jet Link
  • 003: Françoise Arnoul
Pre-sale Ticket: 1,300 yen (incl. tax)
*Design is subject to change. Sticker characters cannot be chosen.
*Extra charge applies to 3D screenings (will be collected at the theater).
See the trailer at the following theaters!
T-JOY Soga (Chiba) / Shinjuku Wald 9 (Tokyo) / T-JOY Oizumi (Tokyo) / Yokohama Burg 13 (Kanagawa) / T-JOY Niigata Bandai (Niigata) / T-JOY Nagaoka (Niigata) / Umeda Burg 7 (Osaka) / T-JOY Kyoto (Kyoto) / Hiroshima Wald 11 (Hiroshima) / T-JOY Higashi Hiroshima (Hiroshima) / T-JOY Hakata (Fukuoka) / T-JOY Riverwalk Kita Kyushu (Fukuoka) / T-JOY Kurume (Fukuoka)

Kenji Kamiyama's Film 009 RE:CYBORG Special Trailer 1 Revealed!

Kenji Kamiyama's Film "009 RE:CYBORG"flyer 01 Thumb © 009 RE:CYBORG Production Committee

That which does not end, cannot begin anew.

Long ago there were nine cyborg warriors who came to save humanity whenever the world fell

into crisis.

These warriors wore red suits and yellow scarves and were known as the 00 Cyborgs. Through their efforts peace was returned to the world, but thereafter their existence slowly faded from human memory……

However, time has passed and the world has started to plunge into chaos once more…….

February 26, 2013.
The nine warriors gather from around the world.

That which does not end, cannot begin anew.

As the world comes to an end, a new hero will be born……