Tickets for the Director Kenji Kamiyama × 009: Mamoru Miyano "PRE:CHRISTMAS!" Talk Show are now on sale!

Tickets for the director Kenji Kamiyama and 009:Mamoru Miyano talk show are now on sale! In this 8th installment of Repeat Viewer Appreciation Project, the two will thoroughly discuss their passion towards "009" through their behind-the-scenes-stories and secret stories from the post-recording session.
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  • Dates: December 22nd (Sat.) 18:10- (The event will take place right after the screening which starts on 16:20)
  • Location: Shinjuku Wald 9 Theater No. 5
  • Guests: Director Kenji Kamiyama, Mamoru Miyano
  • Tickets:
    • Online Ticket Reservation KINEZO
      Available from December 20th (Thurs.) 0:00- (19th (Weds.) 24:00-)