"009 RE:CYBORG" Repeat Viewer Project Volume 4! "The Future of Cel-look 3DCG and 3D Viewing as seen on 009"!

The Cel-look 3DCG and 3D viewing feature highly praised by the chairman of the International 3D Society (I3DS) has become a synonym for "009 RE:CYBORG". Now, Sanzigen, the creator of the CG, will be giving a special talk show!
In this talk show, Sanzigen representative Matsuura, animation director Suzuki and lead animator Uetaka will be joining us to discuss the future of animation technology. In the latter half of the talkshow, a Q&A session will also be scheduled for the participants.
Don't miss this chance to get a glimpse of the future of animation!

  • Dates: November 29th (Thurs.) 19:00~ (Show begins at the end of screening starting from 19:00)
  • Location: Shinjuku Wald9 Theater No.5
  • Guest: Hiroaki Matsuura (Sanzigen Representative), Daisuke Suzuki (009: Animation Director), Masanori Uetaka (009: Lead Animator)
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