Nippon Television Plus Special Program "Cyborg 009 and the World of Kenji Kamiyama" to be broadcasted!

Original Special Program

To celebrate the release of "009 RE:CYBORG", we will be broadcasting "Cyborg 009 and the World of Kenji Kamiyama".

In this special program, we will be closing in on director Kamiyama's production studio including the video production and music/sound effect production to bring the director's and the movie's charm to focus.

  • November 1st (Thurs.) 22:00 (JST) ~
  • November 2nd (Fri.) 20:30 (JST) ~
  • November 4th (Sun.) 12:30 (JST) ~

Please look forward to hearing his deep feelings toward "Cyborg 009" and the "re-animation" done by 3DCG.