"009 RE:CYBORG" New Years Holiday Special Present Campaign!

Customers viewing "009 RE:CYBORG" at selected theaters from December 29th ~ January 6th will have a chance to win 00 Number Cyborg Poster that comes in 9 different variations! These posters are not for sale and can only be found at these theaters.
1 winner will be selected randomly from each screening at each theaters.
Lucky winners of the lottery will be announced on January 7th at each theater's home page.
The ticket stub can be exchanged for the prizes at the information booth of the movie theater you used.
Please be noted that the ticket stub purchased during the campaign period will be required when picking up your prizes.
Campaign Period: December 29th ~ January 6th
Announcement of Lottery Winner: January 7th ※Announcement will be made at the theater homepage
Present Exchange Period: January 7th ~ 18th

※Please keep your tickets in safe places until the lottery announcement date as they will become invalid once lost.
Customer may draw lots 1 time for each viewing and can win more than once if they watched the movie multiple times.
Please also be noted that posters are handed out randomly and cannot be selected.

Selected Theaters
Shinjuku Wald 9
Yokohama Burg 13
Umeda Burg 7
T-Joy Hakata
T-Joy Soga
T-Joy Kyoto
Hiroshima Wald 11
T-Joy Oita
Kagoshima Mitte 10
ufotable CINEMA

Win a "009 RE:CYBORG" stamp in the Kakao Talk New Years Holiday Campaign "Kakao Lottery"!

Win a

Win a free "009 RE:CYBORG" stamp in the Kakao Talk present campaign!
This campaign ends on January 6th.
Please use this for your New Year greetings!

"Kakao Lottery"
In celebrating the New Years holiday, Kakao Talk will be holding a present campaign in which 430 thousand will win special presents!

For more details check here

Tickets for the Director Kenji Kamiyama × 009: Mamoru Miyano "PRE:CHRISTMAS!" Talk Show are now on sale!

Tickets for the director Kenji Kamiyama and 009:Mamoru Miyano talk show are now on sale! In this 8th installment of Repeat Viewer Appreciation Project, the two will thoroughly discuss their passion towards "009" through their behind-the-scenes-stories and secret stories from the post-recording session.
Don't miss this early "009 RE:CYBORG" Christmas event!

  • Dates: December 22nd (Sat.) 18:10- (The event will take place right after the screening which starts on 16:20)
  • Location: Shinjuku Wald 9 Theater No. 5
  • Guests: Director Kenji Kamiyama, Mamoru Miyano
  • Tickets:
    • Online Ticket Reservation KINEZO
      Available from December 20th (Thurs.) 0:00- (19th (Weds.) 24:00-)

Announcing the Director Kenji Kamiyama × 009: Mamoru Miyano "PRE:CHRISTMAS!" Talk Show!

"009 RE:CYBORG" Repeat Viewer Project 008!
As the 8th volume of the appreciation project, director Kenji Kamiyama and 009: Mamoru Miyano will give a talk show during the evening on December 22nd (Sat.)!
Information on the date and ticket sale will be announced at the official site and Shinjuku Wald 9 homepage soon!
Stay tuned!